Microsoft's new Android launcher lets you connect your phone and PC


Seeing as this is a preview build of Edge for mobile devices, there are some features that it's launching without. However, it also provides more integration with Microsoft services; such as allowing the user to continue viewing pictures or webpages across both PC and mobile. Microsoft says that this is the "most attractive, customizable, powerful launcher" that's available for Android devices. Based on Fluent design, the launcher offers customization, features a tailored feed, gesture support, and, of course, Continue on PC.

Those using the Arrow Launcher beta will automatically get Microsoft Launcher today.

The rebranding makes a lot of sense on Android because it puts the Microsoft name front and center for the launcher alongside of a new logo for the app.

Microsoft has released a beta version of its Edge web browser for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

While not available as of yet, the Microsoft Edge for Android preview will also be available soon. Not least of all Edge works best with Windows Precision drivers for your laptop's trackpad bringing the smoothest multitouch zoom and gestures on Windows 10. The company said in an statement that users say "we want our browser experience to move to our phones". The new "Get to Chrome Faster" campaign launches a new tab that lists the steps users need to take to change the default web browser on Windows 10, linking you directly to settings.

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The iOS Edge app preview is available today for iPhones.

Anyone out there interested in these new Microsoft apps for your Android smartphones?

Were you a fan of Microsoft's Arrow Launcher? Microsoft has made another surprise announcement for Android Users.

Sadly, Microsoft's mobile platform has been sputtering with little sign of life left but the company hasn't given up on the mobile space entirely.

There's a new Continue to PC feature which will let you continue to do certain tasks, like photos, or documents, from your phone to your computer.