Google will 'permanently remove' Home Mini feature that led to constant recording


Google appeared to take what happened seriously, as the unit was picked up for examination, assessed, and a software update issued within the span of roughly 24 hours, Russakovskii said.

According to commentators, Russakovskii's Home Mini seems to be one out of "a small number" of devices that are affected by the issue.

When you tap on the top of the Home Mini it can play and pause music, while a long touch will active Google Assistant.

Artem Russakovskii of Android Police reported that the Google Home Mini he was reviewing was randomly and nearly constantly recording sounds in his home and transmitting them to Google. However, customers who have been awaiting the gadget might well overlook the issue, considering how well and quick Google handled the problem, suggesting it was only a technical glitch and not a pre-meditated feature in the speaker.

Google has rolled out an update to all Google Home Mini devices (currently in the hands on reviewers) that removes the top touch functionality of the device.

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Russakovskii's Home Mini was one of the many test units that Google handed away at the press event last week.

This will likely affect some of the functionality of the Google Home Mini as the touch surface was meant to be used to control the speakers volume and media playback functions, among other things, as an alternative to voice-based commands. The Home Mini volume can still be adjusted using the touch control.

But Google says it quickly figured out the issue and created a fix. It's available on the side of the product.

The smart speaker will go on sale October 19 for $49 and made its public debut a week ago at Google's biggest hardware event of the year. When he checked his personal activity page on Google, the site that shows users' interactions with the search giant's services and the data it collects on users, he found sound files that had been uploaded to Google's servers from the Mini without his consent.

Some Google Home Minis randomly or constantly records sound that are transmitted to Google, leading to accusations of auanuthorisedly prying on users. It could be that later devices do not have the touch sensor flaw.