Early indications suggest harsh flu season in US


Flu vaccine will protect you from certain strains of influenza but it can not prevent flu caused by other virus strains not covered by the vaccine or illnesses that look like influenza, but are not.

Despite warm temperatures and sunny days, flu season has arrived, and local health officials are urging residents to receive their flu shots as soon as possible. If you have questions about flu shots or where you can get one, please call your medical clinic or Horizon Public Health at 320-208-6670. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone six-months-old and older get a flu shot. They also offer flu shots for $25 for students without insurance. Infants need their first dose of flu vaccine at 6 months of age.

It's flu season in Oklahoma.

Trinity County Public Health will begin its annual countywide seasonal influenza campaign today. The symptoms may last for a day or two, but are much less severe than actual influenza, according to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. "Make sure you're taking care of yourself-eat a well-balanced diet and make sure to drink enough water, get enough sleep and do your best to avoid stress".

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Jim Miller from Savvysenior.org stopped by to tell us about the different vaccine options available for seniors. You've got a lot of things working against you.

The County Health and Human Services Agency reported Wednesday the number of influenza cases reported this season is pacing 3-to-1 over last year's numbers. "You can prevent missing work or school, visits to the doctor or hospitalizations, and protecting others from coming down with the flu". Health officials say San Diego has already reported 203 laboratory-confirmed flu cases this season, whereas previous year at this time, there were only 60 confirmed flu cases.

Flu shots are not ideal, but they are the best protection modern science has against the disease.