Dust to Dust II: How Valve rebuilt a classic Counter-Strike map


All of these memories are about to become subtly altered though, as Valve has announced that a new and improved version of the map is going to be included in the next CS:GO Beta release. The time frame of the beta drop is still unclear, but it's very likely that it may arrive in the coming weeks. It seems these jokes are for all the right reasons as Valve confirmed that it will re-work the iconic CS: GO Dust 2 map instead of releasing Dust 3. The last game update was October 5, which consisted of small, additional changes to the molotov-smoke bug fix.

The tweet Valve published offers a snazzy look at the upcoming rework.

While none of the impending changes to the design and structure were shared, the developer did give a slight preview of the spawn location for the Terrorist side.

As the name suggests Dust 2 is a successor to the original Dust map and is one of the most popular and played Counter-Strike maps, offering a Bomb Defusal scenario for players to enjoy.

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One of the most beloved classic Counter Strike maps is Dust2 and it's making its big comeback in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, following its removal from active competition in February earlier this year.

Dust 2's update also comes with updates to player models.

To continue the map updating cycle, Valve will remove another map when Dust 2 returns to competitive play.