Dems who opposed Iran nuke deal urge Trump to keep pact


He will pass the buck to Congress, and they will decide what to do next with the deal.

Former Obama administration officials who played central roles in brokering the Iran nuclear agreement are scheduled to brief congressional Democrats later Wednesday on the merits of the global accord.

It said the reminder was triggered by "current events" but gave no details.

If Trump announces the decertification of the Iran nuclear deal, Congress will reportedly have 60 days to re-impose economic sanctions against Iran that were withdrawn following the 2015 agreement.

President Donald Trump says he will "very shortly" announce his decision on US participation in the landmark 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, as aides prepare for an end-of-the-week rollout.

Under the 2015 deal, Tehran agreed to roll back its nuclear program in exchange for relief from wide-ranging oil, trade and financial sanctions that had choked the Iranian economy.

Trump is expected to declare this week that Iran is not complying with the pact and to unveil a tough new strategy toward Iran.

In mid-July, the Post says, a "furious" Trump argued with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and others who said while the 2015 deal, brokered by former President Barack Obama, was not ideal, it offered stability.

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Iran has already threatened the United States with dire consequences if it imposes sanctions against the country.

"This is the worst deal".

If he chooses not to certify, Trump would be defying the opinion of some of his top advisers, European countries and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Officials familiar with the internal deliberations as well as informed sources outside the administration say they expect Trump to tell lawmakers that the Iran deal is not in the US national security interest despite Iran's technical compliance.

"We will see what happens pretty soon", said Trump, who must announce his decision on whether to certify Iran's compliance by the end of the week. Among the lawmakers who signed the letter were Engel and 12 other House Democrats who had criticized the deal when it was reached two years ago.

Deutch said the danger of walking away from the agreement is that those expiration dates "would have effectively dropped from a decade to a day" because Iran would be freed of its obligations under the deal.

"I think I speak for a lot of us who opposed the agreement". With many nations seemingly committed to at least trying to keep the deal going with or without United States involvement, they see pulling out as simply losing their seat at the table for enforcement of the pact.