DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season Three; Core Actor Departing CW Series


It's hard to imagine the Legends of Tomorrow crew without its resident professor, but that's exactly what fans will have to get used to after season 3 is over. He has since appeared as part of the main cast of Legends of Tomorrow, using his Firestorm powers alongside Jax Jackson played by Franz Drameh.

Victor Garber, one half of Firestorm on Legends of Tomorrow, one of the best superhero shows on television, will be departing the show sometime in the current third season, according to a report in Deadline. Warner Bros. TV and The CW didn't provide a comment on the departure. According to the report, Garber may return to "LEGENDS" at a future date. The chatter intensified over the summer.

Garber, who was a Tony-nominated theater actor long before he ventured into televised nerdery, is leaving the show to join Bernadette Peters to lead the Broadway revival of Hello Dolly! Garber takes over the role from David Hyde Pierce (with Peters stepping in for Bette Midler.) His first show is January 20.

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A Broadway run is a big undertaking, involving a six day a week schedule and 7-8 shows a week.

I hear Garber's exit had been carefully planned ahead of time. "Still, with the time-travel nature of the superhero show, there is always a possibility for characters to be brought back".

The CW's Legends of Tomorrow will soon be down one series regular, as a cast member will reportedly be leaving the show during the third season.