Business leaders say no NAFTA better than bad deal


Round 4 of NAFTA talks began Wednesday in Arlington, Virginia.

Victor Herrera, who's spent 35 years covering Latin American financial markets, warns that NAFTA's demise would have major effects. The move "would send shock waves through the Mexican economy and cause grievous damage to USA industry supply chains", Barutciski told BNN via email.

"Thus far, we have made good progress, and I look forward to several days of hard work", Lighthizer said in the statement Wednesday.

"Growth could be 1 percent higher if the country had better accountability and more transparency". "We have to be prepared for the different scenarios that could come out of this negotiation". "Are they going to be patient and work through these things?" asks Phil Levy, senior fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday accused Trump's administration of trying to sabotage the talks with "poison pill proposals", including demands for more favorable treatment for the U.S. side on auto production, and a "sunset clause" to force regular negotiations.

Trump, who made trade a key part of his 2016 presidential campaign, has repeatedly criticized Canada, alleging that it unfairly blocks USA dairy products and subsidizes its softwood lumber industry.

"I think Canadians are aware that the American administration and the president makes decisions that surprise people from time to time", Trudeau said, "and that is something that we are very much aware of, and very braced for and conscious of", Trudeau was quoted by CBC News.

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After having been confronted with the threats of the president Donald Trump on the termination of the free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA), Justin Trudeau says he is ready for any eventuality, Wednesday, and even to sign an agreement without the Mexico. "Now we need to blow this up?'" "I said we'll renegotiate".

That meeting resolved some long-standing disputes between the two countries, including a reopening of Mexico to Canadian beef and a lift of the visa requirement the former Conservative government had imposed on Mexican nationals in response to thousands of asylum claims being lodged by them. Debbie Dingell and Dan Kildee, both D-Mich., and both with vehicle and part plants, though not as many as once loomed there.

But Trudeau also told committee members that he was anxious about "poison pills", proposals the United States might make that were created to kill, not fix, the NAFTA agreement. This week, his government revealed it would investigate buying surplus fighter jets from Australia rather than complete a contract to buy new fighters from Boeing.

"My optimism toward NAFTA, toward a renegotiation, isn't based on personality or reading political tea leaves", Trudeau said following his talks with Trump. On the campaign trail, he called NAFTA a job-killing disaster.

"There's been huge investments in Canada, the USA and Mexico, that are long-term assets", said Don Walker, chief executive officer of Magna International Inc. a Canada-based parts maker with more than 25,000 employees in the U.S.

But US union leaders, including representatives at the AFL-CIO and the United Steelworkers, have expressed support for the deal's demise, a position shared by some Democrats.

The fourth round of talks will extend to October 17.