Alabama's favorite Halloween candy? Candy corn, apparently


If you're still deciding on what Halloween candy to buy, you might want to consider Starburst, Reese's cups or Almond Joy. We pucker our faces with more than 58,000 pounds of Sour Patch Kids every year around Halloween, a number that tops the almost 46,000 pounds of M&M's and 17,000 pounds of Starburst we gobble up. The state has sold over 114,000 pounds of Candy Corn. If you guessed that the hard candy Jolly Ranchers are Utahn's top favorite Halloween candy, you guessed right!

The National Retail Federation estimates that shoppers will spend $2.7 billion on Halloween candy this year and, according to a new study, Georgia and SC will spend more of their money on one particular brand than any other.

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The website looked at the last ten years worth of sales data, and most specifically the months surrounding Halloween.