Check Out The Brand New Trailer & Poster For 'Star Wars


Skellig Michael and the Wild Atlantic Way is going to be inundated with Star Wars fan after The Last Jedi gets released on December 14th. But surely the folks at Lucasfilm won't have the galaxy's greatest hero falling to the Dark Side, will they?

You can check out the wonderful new poster above, which features Carrie Fisher in the very centre, surrounded by her co-stars, and the new trailer in the player below. Can you imagine watching a trailer for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back that ends with Darth Vader saying "Luke, I am your -" and then cuts to a shot of Luke's surprised face? But could Luke be falling prey to the pull of the Dark Side? This idea becomes even more appealing and intriguing when we consider the fact that The Force could potentially remain in balance even if Rey falls victim to Snoke's allure.

Does this mean that Skywalker, once the most optimistic character in the Star Wars galaxy, will become a villain?

Take a look at Noto's The Last Jedi illustration below.

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The graphics separate Rey on the left seemingly representing the Light Side of the Force, while Kylo Ren is positioned on the right representing the Dark Side.

The way The Last Jedi has begun to eschew traditional Star Wars tropes, it seems to make quite a bit of sense. Directed by Looper's Rian Johnson, The Last Jedi is a sequel to 2015's smash hit The Force Awakens, picking up directly after the events of that film.

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