Workplace Environment Crucial to Mental Health of Workers - Psychiatrist


That's over a quarter of British students suffering from mental health problems at university.

Statistics show that approximately one in four people in the United Kingdom will experience mental health problems each year.

With an aim to raise awareness about mental health issues, World Mental Health Day is being observed across the world on Tuesday (today). Together we create change.

"So we are delighted to be offering people the chance to get funding to put on their own activity or event".

Mental health in the workplace is this year's theme.

This is further compounded by the general culture of silence in our society when it comes to talking about mental health issues or how it impacts us.

The Chamber is also promoting the Time to Change In Your Corner campaign by spreading the word about how to spot mental health problems and what to do to be supportive.

The survey points to a large-scale mental health emergency, according to experts.

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"We want to take advantage of this day and say that our human rights abuses of the mentally ill should stop".

The idea of "bringing your whole self to work" has been around in the United States since 2015. Just-in-time interventions provided via mobile devices (or to put it more simply, text messages) are now being tested in two studies to see whether they can enhance assertiveness and reduce stress among adolescent apprentices at workplaces in Switzerland. "There is no specific mention of mental health but it does not mean you can not bring it up as long as it affects the productivity of the employees", he said.

After writing publicly about his experiences, and getting huge amounts of feedback, Routledge founded Sanctus last May to try to help startups and corporates look after employees' mental health. "Mental health issues affecting workers in construction are well publicised if not well understood by our workforce", group health and safety director Mark Blundy explains.

But while the number of those affected who are willing to speak up is on the rise, there is still a disconnect in terms of how mental wellbeing is handled by employers.

By taking a step back from putting such an explicit focus on mental health, and looking at all of the eight dimensions of wellbeing*, employers have an opportunity to start normalising mental health by creating people-shaped policies that prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Do think about some of these common issues faced by people with mental health problems include finding it harder to concentrate, getting exhausted more easily, making mistakes, struggling to make decisions, or excessively worrying about their performance, deadlines and work load.

"The Sanctus sessions have enabled us to make mental wellbeing a natural part of life at work", she said. "Our Ambassadors have been clear in expressing that youth mental health services need to be more individualised to meet the mental health needs of young Islanders and that a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not meet their needs".