Windows Phones Nixed: No New Hardware, Features Coming


Microsoft has announced it is killing off Windows Phone after 17 years.

Furthermore, CNET reports that Microsoft will no longer roll out new features and hardware for the Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has confirmed that the company is no longer focusing on Windows 10 Mobile.

In response to a query on Twitter, Belfiore said: "Of course we'll continue to support the platform. bug fixes, security updates, etc". Even so, the volume remained too low for most companies to invest in.

Microsoft produces a wide range of applications for iOS and Android, including its Office suite of apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Due to the small user base, it has become hard for the developers to code for the Microsoft Mobile platform, and the company even tried to give incentive to the developers from its own pocket, but that didn't work as well. Well, they shouldn't expect anything more than bug fixes and security updates.

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Also, technically speaking, it isn't completely dead but current users can forget about any new features or functionalities coming to the OS. Windows 10 Mobile may attempt to make a comeback like Blackberry but with the near-defunct operating system, it is not going to be an easy task. But because those devices were expensive and still constrained to the handful of apps in the Windows Store, they too failed to catch on. Despite that, Microsoft's platform couldn't compete with the likes of iOS and Android.

Bill Gates, is no more perusing the Windows phone.

Belfiore also touched on the struggle Microsoft had getting third party developers and end users to pay attention to its baby.

The USP of Windows 10 Mobile was that users could run the same "universal apps" on PCs and handsets, but the concept did not prove successful.

In the recent Build and Inspire conferences of Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadela had replaced the company's mantra of "mobile -first, cloud- first" with intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, what he describes as. With this, the company inadvertently puts forth the fact that they will soon be pulling the plug from the Windows 10 Mobile.