Watch Jon Stewart Fail to Soothe Trump's Ego on 'Colbert'


So when Colbert starts bagging on the president, Stewart has to think of something positive to say about him. Trump tweeted "Should we get Equal Time?"

Stewart's response? "Given the choice between having hot lava poured into my pee hole and Donald Trump being the president", Stewart said, pausing, and shuddering before saying, "I choose the latter".

However, he completely lost it when Colbert brought up Trump's freaky (read: disturbing) "calm before the storm" quote. Colbert then moved on to jokes about Trump being called a "f*cking moron" by his Secretary of State, Red Tillerson. He mustered this much, "Donald not. a cannibal". Then he moved on to Trump's next decision worthy of some talk show criticism, the decision to allow employers to deny women birth control.

Apparently, President Donald Trump is feeling really underappreciated these days. Stewart fumed, tapping into his old Daily Show-style rage. "This turns out to be a almost impossible task for Stewart, though, especially when it comes to his reaction to Trump recently saying it's "the calm before the storm" and responding to reporters" questions about it by saying "You'll find out". "You'll find out"? A cliffhanger, surrounded by military people?

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Colbert got comedy veteran Jon Stewart to be his official counterweight. Will civilization make it to the fantasy suite? Calm before the storm? This is all the storm!

"And what kind of sociopath would use that kind of terminology when people are still literally cleaning up from storms", he added, referring to the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Colbert's bright-side retort? "Donald not. a cannibal".