Mark Zuckerberg's Weird VR Demo Tour of Devastated Puerto Rico


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showcased his company's virtual reality (VR) system Monday by conducting a live-stream tour of Puerto Rico, a US territory recently ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Because that could actually be helpful?

According to The Verge, Zuckerberg used Facebook Spaces to get his big stupid face into hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico, and straight back out of it as soon as he was finished telling the audience - because he live streamed this - about all the good things Facebook is doing in terms of aid and making facile comments like: "It feels like we're really here in Puerto Rico". "There's a lot of people who are using Spaces ... to do interviews and Q&As in VR, and to go places that it wouldn't be possible to necessarily go or definitely would be a lot harder to go in real life", Zuckerberg explained during a meeting on the roof of Facebook HQ with Rachel Franklin, head of the company's social VR efforts, per Gizmodo.

The company intends to help the flood-hit country via NetHope and the American Red Cross. Facebook Spaces - Facebook's new virtual reality platform - was showcased a year ago at the Oculus Connect Conference.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a staunch believer of Artificial Intelligence, and the world has gotten a glimpse of it several times over the past few years.

Most notably, the entrepreneurial wunderkind detailed how they have been teaming up with the Red Cross by building artificial intelligence which help create population maps, and thus can efficiently allocate resources and assistance.

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Zuckerberg also noted that Facebook had already donated more than $1 million to relief efforts.

The moment Zuckerberg points out that "this street is completely flooded" while in front of an image of a flooded street is also a highlight.

"I mean, can you guys, can you see this behind me, I mean this is what it looks like down here", Zuckerberg marveled, with Franklin responding: "It's insane to feel like you're in the middle of it", all of which prompted a one-word response from Gizmodo: "Jeez".

After touring Puerto Rico's destruction, Zuckerberg and Rubin decided it would be fun to jump to the Moon, and brought along Zuckerberg's dog, Beast.