Assassin's Creed Origin's Has Loot Boxes


Assassin's Creed Origins may not be a competitive multiplayer game and therefore "pay to win" isn't a problem, but fans are concerned that this means that the game will be engineered to grind.

Watch RTÉ Entertainment's Sinead Brennan's interview with Michael Fassbender for Assassin's Creed below.

A post on NeoGAF expressed concerns that the loot boxes will be purchasable with real-world currency.

Some players will still undoubtedly be annoyed at even being asked to spend more money on their game, but it's still reassuring to know that you can get everything within the e-store on your own, even if it takes a bit longer than those with fat wallets. These crystals are the rarest items required for crafting.

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It's kind of a shame that Ubisoft actually has to make a statement these days that Assassin's Creed Origins lootboxes for real money are nonexistent, especially considering that another singleplayer-focused game, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, has microtransactions and lootboxes.

"Heda also sells a mystery box which can contain any weapon, piece of gear or item in the game", he continued, referring to the merchant in question. "There are people who like to go into a military location, infiltrate them, steal the loot and equipment and hopefully find some unique or legendary gear".

The tenth major and latest installment in the iconic Assassin series, Assassin's Creed Origins takes the series to Ancient Egpyt for the first time. The development team saw that as a valid way of playing so built-in the option of purchasing items if you're so inclined. Though, Ismail says that "everything that's in the e-store you can get from playing the game".

Alongside a daily quest to earn rewards, the game will be receiving a photo mode which allows players to capture the beauty of Egypt.