White House hedges Trump's call for Congress to investigate USA media outlets


When pressed about Trump's tweets-which appear to be in response to an NBC News article that stated Secretary of State Rex Tillerson considered resigning (something he later refuted) and called him a "moron" (which he didn't deny)-Sanders first tried to explain why Trump tweeted what he did.

Acosta, who has been a persistent critic of the administration, asked Sanders whether President Trump believes the First Amendment protecting free speech and press rights is as important as the Second Amendment, which enshrines protections for gun owners.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared to be emotionally affected by the statement she read Monday about the awful shooting in Las Vegas that took the lives of over 50 Americans. "And you have a responsibility to tell the truth, to be accurate".

That admission came in response to a reporter's question about whether "there's any concern in the White House that the president's frequent use of the term "fake news" to describe mainstream outlets muddies the water a bit, and makes it harder for citizens to identify the actual fake news that the intelligence agencies have said countries like Russian Federation used to interfere in the last election". "But what these people did for each other says far more about who we are about Americans than the cowardly of the killer ever could".

British/Japanese writer Kazuo Ishiguro wins 2017 Nobel prize for literature
Ms Danius said the choice of Ishiguro did not show intention to avoid the controversy sparked by last year's pick of Dylan. The novel deals with a number of literary themes, including self-deception-a recurring subject in Ishiguro's works.

Acosta opened by noting the news outlined above, stating "the president tweets this morning he'd like to see the Senate intelligence committee investigate news outlets and I guess this quest to go after fake news".

Huckabee Sanders was conducting a White House press briefing on Thursday when she said the administration was open to legislation related to the regulation of such devices. "When we don't, I think that's troubling for all of us". "I think we need to move towards a certainly more fair, more accurate and frankly a more responsible news media for the American people", she said.

"Not a lot of the things you cover, not a lot of the petty palace intrigue that you spend your time on".