Brazilian Police Thwart Would Could Have Been World's Biggest Bank Heist


Brazilian robbers tunnelled almost 600 m in a daring attempt to rob a bank in Sao Paulo where they hoped to nab millions of dollars, police said. But police arrested 16 suspects before they could pull off the heist. Had the robbery been successful, it could have been the 'biggest bank robbery in history, ' reported Dailymail. Police investigated for about two months before moving in to make the arrests.

Investigator Fabio Pinheiro Lopes said the gang spent $1.27 million to build the tunnel from a rented home nearby, which was stocked with food and tools when it was discovered.

On Oct. 3, São Paulo Civil Police announced the arrests of 16 people accused of digging a tunnel from their hideout to a Bank of Brazil vault.

Reports claim the suspects had invested over one million dollars to reinforce the tunnel with wooden beams, steel bars, and electric lights.

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The thieves hoped to steal up to £250 million, police said, and had planned to carry out the raid this weekend.

The police said that the work on the tunnel began more than four months ago from a house located several blocks from the bank.

"Each of the participants put in 200,000 real (£47,940) and their estimate was to take 1 billion real (£240million)".

It would have been the world's biggest heist.