Is Oprah going to run for president against Trump in 2020?


This, of course, got pretty much every political and entertainment pundit in the U.S. on the hunt for an exact quote from Oprah or her team, with The Wrap getting a statement - if you can call it that - that Oprah is not running for the 2020 ticket against Donald Trump.

Trump himself understands that Winfrey would be a strong political candidate. Or maybe, six years after the end of her show, Stedman is just getting on her nerves. She's leaning right in.

Podhoretz wrote that she is the Trump's 'mirror image'.

In the NY Post column, Podhoretz praised Winfrey's debut on CBS news program 60 Minutes last Sunday, in which she presided over a politically charged debate between MI voters, both Democrats and Republicans.

"She's America's generous aunt and he's America's insane uncle", the op-ed reads".

He writes: "If you need to set a thief to catch a thief, you need a star-a grand, outsized, fearless star whom Trump can neither intimidate nor outshine-to catch a star", he writes. And yes, she's black and he's white, she's liberal and he's whatever he is. We're through the looking glass here.

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Winfrey added that she had always thought the job would require far more experience than she had - but has recently changed her mind. America is discarding old approaches in politics. Who knows what's on the horizon for her after 60 Minutes? Titled "Divided", the piece saw Oprah travel to MI to speak to supporters and despisers of President Trump.

If you think that Trump can be beaten by a two-term governor of a Midwestern state with really good ideas about health care, or by a senator who really attracts young people, think again.

REUTERS/Lucas JacksonOprah Winfrey made it clear she has no political ambitions before, but she might be changing her mind.

If Trump does end up with a challenge from Oprah in 2020, he'll have no one to blame but himself.

The columnist later chuckled on Twitter that "Trumpkins" - his derisive nickname for the president's fans, have been 'emailing me to say my idea Oprah would be strong in '20 is insane because she has no experience'.

Oprah told Bloomberg in March that before Trump won the 2016 election, she thought she was unqualified to be president - but not anymore.