Police officer stabbed in Canada terror attack


Canadian police arrested a man early on Sunday suspected of stabbing an officer and deliberately ramming pedestrians during a high-speed chase in a rented truck, injuring four in what authorities were calling an "act of terrorism".

Edmonton Police Service Chief Rod Knecht said the officer and his vehicle were rammed by a white Chevrolet Malibu at about 8.15 local time (4.15 GMT) outside Alberta's Commonwealth Stadium.

The driver then gets out and appears to stab the officer, who wrestles the suspect to the ground and then rises as the suspect flees on foot.

At around midnight, a U-Haul van was stopped at an impaired driving stop north of downtown and the driver sped off with police in pursuit, Knecht said.

They said they now believe the suspect acted alone, but haven't ruled out the possibility of others being involved. An ISIS flag was found inside the vehicle that struck the police officer during the first incident, the Edmonton Journal reports. "I'm shocked - I just see people flying".

The van intentionally swerved at pedestrians in crosswalks, Knecht said.

There were people flying and everything.

Edmonton police released disturbing video footage Sunday morning showing the first in a chain of events they are now investigating as an "act of terrorism".

A terror inquiry is under way in Canada after a police officer was rammed by a auto and stabbed and four pedestrians were struck by a van. But the man in the truck then took off toward downtown Edmonton, according to the police account.

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The Edmonton police are working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's National Security Enforcement Team and other Canadian security agencies.

Finally, the UHaul truck flipped on Jasper Avenue - the driver was apprehended and is in custody.

A police hat and what appeared to be a yellow police vest lay on the ground near the vehicle.

"There were like 10 cop cars following him ..." "If you've got 20 cops chasing one guy and there's pedestrians that are walking down this road?" But he said it hit a man who was a bar patron.

Premier Rachel Notley tweeted her best wishes to the officer and all EPS members.

Pon posted pictures of the U-Haul on its side with a large hole in the windshield.

"They're keeping us away from windrows/the lobby", she said.

"I would like to thank our courageous first responders, especially the officer injured in the attack, and all those involved in stopping the suspect".