'Let's Make A Deal' Host Monty Hall Dies At 96


In addition to Let's Make a Deal, Hall headlined various other game shows, including The Hollywood Squares and Password All-Stars.

Hall, born in Manitoba, Canada, on August 25, 1921, began his career as a stage actor in college.

The game show's contestants were chosen amongst the studio audience - wearing fancy dresses of clowns, cartoons and animals in order to draw host's attention towards them.

Another daughter, Joanna Gleason, is a longtime Broadway and television actress.

In addition to his philanthropic work and hosting duties, Monty Hall also acted in TV shows and commercials. His late wife, Marilyn, who was also his distant cousin, was a producer.

The host always made this scene feel as if those watching both at home and in the audience were at a carnival side show or a quick moving auction driven by a loud and energetic barker.

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"He's making it his show", Hall said.

In 1991, the New York Times published an article about what became known as "the Monty Hall problem" - a probability puzzle hotly debated by mathematicians centering on the advisability of switching choices when given options like those on his show. He hosted several, over the course of his career, but Let's Make a Deal is what injected him into the cultural ether. He was a member of the American TV Game Show Hall of Fame.

"In 1 percent of the cases, they didn't", Hall said.

At age 7, he was severely burned by a pot of boiling water and endured a lengthy recovery. Wards were named in his honor at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia and other medical centers.

In addition to Gleason, Hall is survived by daughter Sharon Hall and son Richard; a brother Robert Hall; and five grandchildren.